Black Templars

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Black Templars: Bayard's Revenge (Made to Order) - MiniHobby

Black Templars: Bayard's Revenge (Made to Order)

Let op: dit betreft een made-to-order release en zal niet meteen geleverd worden!   The long history of Warhammer 40,000 is teeming with quintessential matchups – but few are more...
Black Templars: High Marshal Helbrecht - MiniHobby

Black Templars: High Marshal Helbrecht

Helbrecht is the living embodiment of his Chapter's warrior spirit. Wielding the Sword of the High Marshals, he storms into the fray, bellowing oaths of vengeance as he leads the...
Black Templars Sword Brethren - MiniHobby

Black Templars Sword Brethren

Every Sword Brother has earned their place among the Marshal's household through acts of unswerving faith and spectacular violence. On the battlefield, they are a reaping whirlwind, unstoppable, uncompromising, armed...
Black Templars: Upgrades And Transfers - MiniHobby

Black Templars: Upgrades And Transfers

The Black Templars surge into battle like the Emperor's wrath made manifest. Streaking down from the void or thundering to war in mechanised spearheads, they strike with a fury that...
Black Templars: Primaris Crusader Squad - MiniHobby

Black Templars: Primaris Crusader Squad

Infused with the post-human might of the Primaris miracle, these Crusader Squads storm into battle with bolt rifles blazing and Astartes chainswords howling. Initiates aim jets of fire from their...
Black Templars: Grimaldus & Retinue - MiniHobby

Black Templars: Grimaldus & Retinue

As grizzled a warrior as his Chapter has ever known, High Chaplain Grimaldus is a beacon of Imperial faith. His fortitude is such that many of his brothers believe him...
Black Templars: Emperor's Champion - MiniHobby

Black Templars: Emperor's Champion

The Emperor's Champion is a humble warrior plucked out of the ranks of the Black Templars by the divine will of the Emperor himself. The furious blows of the enemy...
Combat Patrol: Black Templars - MiniHobby

Combat Patrol: Black Templars

The Black Templars are the Adeptus Astartes' most zealous Chapter, charging into battle to meet their foes face-to-face and deliver the Emperor's justice at the point of a sword. So...
Black Templars Castellan - MiniHobby

Black Templars Castellan

Black Templar Castellans function as Lieutenants for this esoteric successor Chapter. Acting as the right hand of their Marshal, they help direct their battle-brothers in war. By handling the squad-level...
Black Templars: Marshal - MiniHobby

Black Templars: Marshal

Leading their Black Templars brethren from the front lines, Marshals exemplify the strength and skill of the warriors under their command. They are paragons of strategic genius with centuries of...
Black Templars Army Set - MiniHobby

Black Templars Army Set

The Black Templars are relentless crusaders who sweep across the galaxy in a tide of fire and blood. Worshipping the God-Emperor as a deity, they swear mighty oaths to purge...
Codex: Black Templars - MiniHobby

Codex: Black Templars

The Black Templars are the most zealous of all the Space Marine Chapters. To them, the Emperor is a literal deity, and there is no oath they will not swear,...