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Blackstone Fortress: The Beast Inside (CD)

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Of the countless monstrosities inhabiting the Blackstone Fortress, none wreak such destruction as the dreaded ambull. Capable of rending a human in two with a swipe of its claws, hunting this apex predator is a suicidal task. Naturally, this leaves only one man for the job: Rogue Trader Janus Draik, gentlemen, scholar, scoundrel and duellist par excellence. Accompanied by the kroot tracker Dahyak Grekh, Draik must venture into the labyrinth for his most dangerous mission yet. But, in the depths, he is not the only one seeking the ambull, and while Draik aims to kill it, some foolishly pursue the beast inside for their own ends.

Written by Darius Hinks. Running time 64 minutes. Performed by Tom Alexander, Sean Connolly, Paul Panting and Fiona Skinner.
Blackstone Fortress: The Beast Inside (CD)
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