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Ciaphas Cain: Hero Of The Imperium

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In the war-torn future of the 41st Millennium Commissar Ciaphas Cain, hero of the Imperium, is respected by his peers and an inspiration to his men – at least that’s what the propaganda would have you believe. The reality is very different, for Ciaphas is simply looking for an easy life and a way to stay out of peril. However, fate has a habit of throwing him into the deadliest situations, and luck (mixed with self preservation) always manages to pull him through and onto the loftiest of pedestals. To survive Commissar Cain must dodge, bluff and trick his way out of trouble, even if it increases his status beyond his control!

Written by Sandy Mitchell.

For the Emperor
Caves of Ice
The Traitor's Hand
Fight or Flight
Echoes of the Tomb
The Beguiling
Ciaphas Cain: Hero Of The Imperium
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