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Datacards: Adeptus Mechanicus (New)

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Unleash your Skitarii maniples with these handy reference cards. This set is great for quickly referring to your rules, making sure you pick the right Stratagems and Canticles of the Omnissiah for your battles with ease.

This pack contains the following datacards:

- 7x core Stratagems
- 33x Adeptus Mechanicus Stratagems
- 7x Forge World Stratagems (one each for: Mars, Lucius, Agripinaa, Graia, Stygies VIII, Ryza and Metalica)
- 4x Doctrina Imperatives
- 6x Canticles of the Omnissiah

You will need a copy of the Warhammer 40,000 Core Book and Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus to make full use of these cards.

Datacards: Adeptus Mechanicus (New)
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