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Endless Spells: Skaven

€28.00 €23.80

A set of 3 multi-part plastic Endless Spell miniatures specifically designed for Skaven armies. For use with the Malign Sorcery Rules
Warscrolls are published in Battletome: Skaven Clans

Inside this set, you'll find:

– The Vermintide, a swarm of unholy vermin which deals mortal wounds to nearby units
– The Warp Lightning Vortex, a corsucating storm of energy which disrupts movement and deals devastating damage
– The Bell of Doom, a floating icon which bolsters the bravery of skaven while striking fear into your foes

This plastic set is supplied with 4x 40mm round bases and 1x 120mm oval base.

Endless Spells: Skaven
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