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WH Chronicles: Masters Of Steel And Stone

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The dwarfs are a stoic and long-lived race. Their unbending will and pride serve them as fearsome warriors on the battlefield and the greatest craftsmen across the Old World. But cross them at your peril, as a dwarf grudge is never forgotten, a quest for revenge handed down from generation to generation until the debt is settled in blood - In this action-packed omnibus, the bravery and resilience of the dwarfs is brought to life as they wage war against the twisted powers of Chaos, vile skaven ratmen, brutal orcs, cunning goblins and their oldest adversaries, the mysterious and powerful elves. From the ancient dwarf holds, in the wake of the War of Vengeance to the killing fields of the Empire, battle will be fought in the name of Grungni, Grimnir and Valaya, and no foe shall forget the day they met these unbreakable warriors in battle.

Grudge Bearer by Gav Thorpe
Oathbreaker by Nick Kyme
Honourkeeper by Nick Kyme
The Doom of Dragonback by Gav Thorpe
Ancestral Grudge by Gav Thorpe
City of Dead Jewels by Nick Kyme
WH Chronicles: Masters Of Steel And Stone
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