Whc: Warlords Of Karak Eight Peaks (PB)

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Once, during the great Golden Age of the dwarfs, Karak Eight Peaks was a beacon of prosperity and unbridled wealth. Many a dwarf king looked on with envious eyes at this sprawling mountain fastness. But the history of the dwarfs is riddled with tragedy, and none more so than the lords of the Eight Peaks, whose holds were devastated by earthquakes and ravaged by the predations of goblins, ratmen and even darker horrors.

This omnibus edition charts three bleak episodes in the history of the doomed Karak Eight Peaks and its fall to annihilation and infamy. From warlords like the cunning goblin king Skarsnik and the murderous skaven chieftain Queek Headtaker, to the noble dwarfs seeking to save or reclaim these war-torn halls for their kin, like Thorgrim Grudgebearer, all have a stake in the fate of the notorious Karak Eight Peaks.

Skarsnik by Guy Haley
Headtaker by David Guymer
Thorgrim by David Guymer
The Karag Durak Grudge by David Guymer
The King of Black Crag by Guy Haley