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Aeldari Dark Reapers - MiniHobby

Aeldari Dark Reapers

The skull-helmed visage of the Dark Reapers is a spine-chilling sight in itself. These Aspect Warriors exemplify the War God as Destroyer, and their formidable warsuits echo that of their...
Harlequin Death Jester - MiniHobby

Harlequin Death Jester

This 10-piece plastic kit makes one Harlequin Death Jester armed with a shrieker cannon, and has a choice of 2 face masks. The model is supplied with a 25mm round...
Kill Team: Corsair Voidscarred - MiniHobby

Kill Team: Corsair Voidscarred

The Voidscarred are hardened veterans of a life of piracy. These Corsairs have travelled the stars for centuries, and they have seen the worst and the best the galaxy has...
Aeldari Maugan Ra - MiniHobby

Aeldari Maugan Ra

Maugan Ra, also known as the Harvester of Souls, is the Phoenix Lord of the Dark Reapers – among the most grim and foreboding Aspects of the Asuryani. A master...
Craftworlds Windriders - MiniHobby

Craftworlds Windriders

This multi-part plastic kit contains seventy-two parts - everything you need to make three Aeldari Windriders. Incredibly sleek jetbikes with an array of sensors on the back adding interesting textural...
Craftworlds Skyrunner - MiniHobby

Craftworlds Skyrunner

This multi-part plastic kit contains everything required to make one Aeldari Farseer Skyrunner or Aeldari Warlock Skyrunner. Sleekly designed for speed and manoeuvrability with elegant fins and a beautifully-embossed carapace,...
Aeldari Warlocks - MiniHobby

Aeldari Warlocks

Seers who once trained as Aspect Warriors find it easier to develop destructive psychic powers. These Aeldari are known as Warlocks, and frequently band together in conclaves to pool their...
Craftworlds Wraithlord - MiniHobby

Craftworlds Wraithlord

This superb multi-part plastic kit makes a mighty Aeldari Wraithlord and includes a variety of lethal weapons and upgrades.
Harlequin Troupe - MiniHobby

Harlequin Troupe

This box contains everything you need to make a 6-man Harlequin Troupe armed with sword and shuriken pistol, including the option to include a Troupe Master. There are 6 sets...
Harlequin Starweaver - MiniHobby

Harlequin Starweaver

This box contains everything you need to make either a Starweaver or a Voidweaver. Both variants are made from the same chassis, with the choice of crew and weapon mounts...
Aeldari: Avatar Of Khaine - MiniHobby

Aeldari: Avatar Of Khaine

An Avatar of Khaine is an ancient deity incarnate – a burning shard of Khaela Mensha Khaine, the Bloody-Handed God of the Aeldari. Awakened for battle, he marches through enemy...
Harlequin Skyweavers - MiniHobby

Harlequin Skyweavers

This box contains everything you need to make 2 Harlequin Skyweavers, each with a pilot and pillion rider. Each Skyweaver is armed with a shuriken cannon and mirage launcher, the...