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Citadel Painting Handle MK2 - MiniHobby

Citadel Painting Handle MK2

First, there was the humble Citadel Painting Handle – this simple tool was a runaway hit, making it easy to paint your model and eat a bacon sandwich without ruining your...
40K Paints + Tools - MiniHobby

40K Paints + Tools

Building and painting models is a fun and exciting way to engage with the hobby, and it only gets more rewarding with time. You’ll need a few tools and a...
Age of Sigmar: Dominion - MiniHobby

Age of Sigmar: Dominion

The Soul Wars are over, but a new conflict brews in the Realm of Beasts.This boxed set includes:1x 360-page Warhammer Age of Sigmar Core Book (Hardback): Discover the lore of Warhammer...
Citadel Water Pot - MiniHobby

Citadel Water Pot

More than just a container holding water, the Citadel Water Pot has been designed by painters, for painters. Constructed from durable grey plastic, the base and inner side walls of...
GW Tape Measure - MiniHobby

GW Tape Measure

A tape measure, marked in inches or centimetres, is required to measure movement distances and the range of weapons and abilities. The Games Workshop Tape Measure extends to 10ft/120", is...
Astra Militarum Army Set - MiniHobby

Astra Militarum Army Set

The Astra Militarum are the backbone of the Imperium's largest armies. They are the men and women who hold the line, a bulwark that stands between humanity and a nightmarish...
Orks: Goff Rocker (X-Mas Promo) - MiniHobby

Orks: Goff Rocker (X-Mas Promo)

Goff Rocker is the frontman of the most egregious and obnoxiously loud band in the history of the galaxy. While his Ork brethren bring the Waaagh! to the battlefield, he...
Retributor Armour Spray - MiniHobby

Retributor Armour Spray

Bestel Retributor Armour Spray bij MiniHobby met 15% korting!
Eldritch Omens - MiniHobby

Eldritch Omens

Swift and savage battle erupts upon the warp-cursed world of Daethe, as Autarch Ghaelyn leads the warriors of Saim-Hann against the Black Legionnaires of Warpsmith D'vok the Unmaker. Deep within...