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Salamanders Adrax Agatone - MiniHobby

Salamanders Adrax Agatone

Adrax Agatone is the anvil against which the enemies of the Salamanders break. Where he holds the line, the Salamanders fight with unstoppable determination. Agatone's Arridian drakehide cloak protects him...
Salamanders Primaris Upgrades & Transfers - MiniHobby

Salamanders Primaris Upgrades & Transfers

This kit contains 2 frames, each containing the following:- 5x Salamanders Mk X power armour shoulder pads (designed for use with Hellblasters/Intercessors)- 1x Salamanders Mk X power armour shoulder pad...
Codex: Salamanders - MiniHobby

Codex: Salamanders

The Salamanders are among the noblest of the Adeptus Astartes, fighting without hesitation to defend those who cannot protect themselves. Yet this empathy belies an incredible determination in battle, for...
Datacards: Salamanders - MiniHobby

Datacards: Salamanders

Unleash the fiery fury of the Salamanders with these handy reference cards! Each set is great for easily referring to your rules, making sure you’ll pick the right Stratagems or...