Blood Angels

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Datacards: Blood Angels - MiniHobby

Datacards: Blood Angels

Unleash the glorious warriors of the Blood Angels with these handy reference cards! Each set is great for quickly referring to your rules, making sure you'll pick the right Stratagem...
Blood Angels Death Company Intercessors - MiniHobby

Blood Angels Death Company Intercessors

Every Blood Angel felt their hopes dashed when the first of the Primaris Space Marines brought to the Chapter by Roboute Guilliman fell to the Black Rage. With great solemnity...
Space Marine Heroes 2022 Blood Angels Collection One - MiniHobby

Space Marine Heroes 2022 Blood Angels Collection One

Space Marines are superhuman warriors, appointed by the Emperor to defend his vast Imperium. Clad in mighty power armour and armed with devastating weapons, they stand steadfast in the face...
Assault Intercessors - MiniHobby

Assault Intercessors

Assault Intercessors are amongst the most widespread close-support units in a Chapter's arsenal. Firing their heavy bolt pistols as they close upon the foe, they charge into the fray, where...
Combat Patrol: Blood Angels - MiniHobby

Combat Patrol: Blood Angels

The Blood Angels exemplify the image of the Angels of Death more so than any other Space Marines Chapter. But beneath their beatific and noble visage lies a murderous fury...
Blood Angels Furioso Dreadnought - MiniHobby

Blood Angels Furioso Dreadnought

This multi-part plastic kit contains 68 components, including three sarcophagi, which can be used to make a Furioso Dreadnought, a Librarian Dreadnought or a Death Company Dreadnought. It also includes...
Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest - MiniHobby

Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest

This 11-piece plastic kit makes a Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest armed with a double-edged chainsword. He holds aloft a blood chalice and is equipped with a narthecium, the instrument of...
Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard - MiniHobby

Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard

This 95-piece kit makes 5 multi-part plastic Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard. It includes 15 different heads (five with helmets, five bare heads and five Death Masks), 15 elaborate shoulder pads,...
Blood Angels Upgrades - MiniHobby

Blood Angels Upgrades

Totally compatible with all existing multi-part Space Marine kits, this upgrade pack contains a sprue of amazing parts for Blood Angels fans. Twenty parts are included, featuring the following: Ten...