Lumineth Realm-Lords

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Warscrolls: Lumineth Realm-Lords (New) - MiniHobby

Warscrolls: Lumineth Realm-Lords (New)

Thanks to aetherquartz, Lumineth Realm-lords can plan new battle strategies in moments with flawless mental acuity. Mere mortals like us, however, need a little help – which is where these...
Lumineth Realm-Lords Dice - MiniHobby

Lumineth Realm-Lords Dice

Bring searing purity and balance to the Mortal Realms with these Lumineth Realm-lords themed dice.This set includes 20 six-sided, round-edged dice that measure 16mm along each edge. They are cast...
Warscrolls: Lumineth Realm-Lords (New) - MiniHobby

Warscrolls: Lumineth Realm-Lords (New)

Save the Mortal Realms alongside the shining hosts of Hysh, and keep track of the game with this set of essential reference cards, including warscrolls for every unit, Endless Spell,...
Vanari Starshard Ballista - MiniHobby

Vanari Starshard Ballista

These accurate bolt-throwers are perfect for picking off key units, using their messenger hawks to enhance precision against enemies near to your heroes. Their long range makes them ideal for...
Avalenor the Stoneheart King - MiniHobby

Avalenor the Stoneheart King

Avalenor, the Stoneheart king is part monster, part hero, all force of nature! Capable of smashing any enemy he should encounter to bits, this champion of the Alarith is also...
Scinari Loreseeker - MiniHobby

Scinari Loreseeker

This flexible combat hero is equally adept casting spells from afar as they are striking down the enemies of the Lumineth in close combat. They spend much of their time...
Hurakan Windmage - MiniHobby

Hurakan Windmage

Experts at the manipulation of wind currents, the Windmages are adept at supporting their fellow Hurakan disciples and wielding the aelementors' fury both. Able to cross the battlefield with ease...
Lumineth: Scinari Enlightener - MiniHobby
Sevireth - MiniHobby


As fast as the searing winds that race across the deserts of Hysh, Sevireth soars around the battlefield picking off key opponents with Enathrai, his giant magical bow. The scorching...
Alarith Stoneguard - MiniHobby

Alarith Stoneguard

Alarith Stoneguard are elite infantry capable of wading into the thickest of melees and coming out on top. Whether bumping enemies of objectives or smashing aside your foe's toughest units,...
Hurakan Windchargers - MiniHobby

Hurakan Windchargers

As some of the finest mounted archers in the Mortal Realms, these peerless warriors are equally comfortable firing their bows at a breakneck gallop as they are in the storm...
Vanari Auralan Sentinels

Vanari Auralan Sentinels

This kit builds 10 Auralan Sentinels, in a variety of interchangeable and customisable designs. Thanks to a choice of bows, quivers and more, you’ll be able to ensure that even...